How Connected Mobility Technology is Driving the Future of the Automotive Industry

September 22, 2014

How Connected Mobility Technology is Driving the Future of the Automotive Industry from Synergistics Limited

We are pleased to share with you a report titled How Connected Mobility Technology Is Driving The Future Of The Automotive Industry. This new report is the product of a collaboration between Gao Feng Advisory Company and our partners at 31ºNorth Innovation Exchange. Based in Tel Aviv, 31ºNorth Innovation Exchange specializes in connecting new cutting edge technologies and traditional industries by establishing investments and commercial activity in the automotive, energy, smart city and cyber security sectors. 

With the increasing prevalence of the wireless internet and mobile devices, we expect that the Internet of Vehicles will create discontinuous opportunities for product and business model innovation in the automotive industry. We believe the conditions in China – the world's largest auto market and the market with the largest number of both internet and "smart phone" users – will likely make it the incubator for rapid commercialization of such innovations. China's urban transportation challenge, the high rate of adoption of connected mobile devices, combined with the rapid and aggressive introduction of alternative mobility and vehicle ownership concepts from new entrants, will ultimately compress the time needed to commercialize smart, connected car technologies and related services. Such developments will dramatically alter not just the feature content of vehicles, but may also usher in a revolution to the business model of the automotive industry – where a model focused on "users of mobility services" could emerge as a real alternative to the traditional model of "car ownership”. 

We welcome your comments and feedback on our briefing paper or in general about our firm. We would be glad to meet you in person to share our data and perspectives in a fuller manner. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting and discussing directly how we can help you to operationalize these insights. Thought leadership is core to what Gao Feng does. 

We will, from time to time, share with you our latest thinking on business and management, especially as it relates to China and China’s role in the world. 

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