Bill Russo Chairs China CEO Roundtable at J.P. Morgan China Summit 2013

Beijing, China, June 4, 2013

Following a decade of rapid growth that culminated in a stimulus-driven surge in demand in 2009-2010, the China auto market has sharply decelerated, with growth slipping to 2.5% in 2011 and 4.3% in 2012. While China's auto demand will exceed the 20 million unit level in 2013, we can expect to see even more intense competition among automakers as they adjust to a new pattern while maintaining profitability. The aim of this panel is to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by different competitors as they deal with this “inflection point”
  • Opportunities and challenges in luxury and imported vehicles market.
  • Opportunities and challenges in emerging provinces and cities, as well as
    in second and third tier cities.
  • Sales and marketing strategies to exploit these opportunities
  • Strategies to diversify profit streams and maximize profit opportunities
  • Panelists:
    Mr. Karsten Engel, China CEO, BMW
    Mr. Hubertus Troska, China CEO, Daimler
    Mr. John Lawler, China CEO, Ford
    Dr. Joerg Mull, China EVP, Volkswagen
    Chair: Mr. Bill Russo, President, Synergistics Ltd, former Northeast Asia VP, Chrysler
Click here to access the video recording of the panel session:  http://mms.prnasia.com/jpmorgan/20130604/track1/2013_d1_t1_1400.htm

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