Bill Russo to Join Panel Discussion at China Automotive Market Development Summit

Chongqing, China, June 6, 2013

Exploring opportunities in different market segments and different geographic tiers

As China's auto demand exceeds the 20 million unit level, it is becoming more and more important to segment the market both by product, price and tiers of market. The aim of this panel is to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by different products at different geographic areas in such a huge auto market as China:
  • Key product/price and geographic segments
  • Opportunities and challenges in luxury and imported vehicles market
  • Sales and marketing strategies to exploit these opportunities
  • Opportunities and challenges in emerging provinces and cities, as well as in second and third tier cities


JIANG Chunyong, Chief editor, Chongqing ChenBao, China
Bill Russo, Founder and President of Synergistics Limited & Senior Advisor of Booz & Company, United States
Ashvin Chotai, Managing Director, Intelligence Automotive Asia, UK
YANG Min, BESCAR Co.,Ltd., China

Moderated by:

LIN Hai, Host, Chongqing Traffic Radio, China

Click below to read the summary of the session from auto.sina.com:


Summit Program:

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