Bill Russo to Join Closing Plenary Session at China Automotive Market Development Summit

Chongqing, China, June 6, 2013

美国博斯公司(Booz & Company)高级专家,Synergistics 有限公司创始人、总裁Bill Russo

China Auto market: Making transition from high growth to sustainable development
China’s auto market has shifted from very strong growth to slower but still healthy growth. The aim of this final session will be to discuss challenges for OEMs, policy makers, dealers and suppliers, and so on during this period of transition and ways to cope with these challenges.
· How should auto enterprises adjust their marketing strategies and operations as we transition to the new market dynamics?
· How can government and policy makers assist the development of the industry and render support for major Chinese and foreign players?
· What do market changes mean to the industry structure and the relationship between different enterprises?

SUN Xiaodong, Vice President, Geely

LIU Zhifeng, Vice President & Sales Division Vice General Manager, Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, China

Dr. Patrick P. Steinemann, Managing Director & co-head of Asia Industrial Investment Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, USA

Bill Russo, Founder and President of Synergistics Limited & Senior Advisor of Booz & Company, USA

Moderated by:
MA Xiaowei, CEO, iautos, China

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Bill Russo: 政府需引导汽车行业的整合