China’s Mid-Market Innovators

Strategy & Business, Issue 67, Summer 2012

by Edward Tse, John Jullens, and Bill Russo

A new category of competitor — low-price, medium-quality Chinese B2B upstarts — is shaking up the global competitive landscape. These mid-market innovators represent the next stage in China’s transition to becoming an economic superpower — and are a major potential threat to well-established global manufacturers.

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Second-hand Cars in China (Video)

The Financial Times, April 29, 2012

At the moment, China's car buyers usually purchase new vehicles, but a market for used cars is starting to develop. The FT's Patti Waldmeir visits a luxury second hand car market to investigate.  (2m 35sec)

Filmed and produced by Ben Marino and Shirley Chen, edited by Tom Griggs

Bill Russo appears at 1:43 of the video

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