Bill Russo to Join Panel Discussion at the 4th Global Automotive Forum in Wuhan

 Wuhan, China, October 16, 2013

Chinese Automotive Companies:  Opportunities and Challenges Outside of China

China has been the largest vehicle producer in the world since 2009, but this has not been matched by the rise of Chinese automakers in global markets.  The range of strategies adopted by Chinese companies to expand overseas has included exporting, establishing overseas production as well as acquiring distressed assets, international brands, technologies and international operations.  Progress so far has been mixed and there are still significant obstacles before Chinese companies can become a force in the global automotive market.

This session will debate the relevant issues relating to Chinese automotive enterprises' strategy of "going and succeeding abroad".

  • In what areas do Chinese companies have a sustainable global competitive advantage and how should they optimize their growth strategies?
  • New mode and strategy for Chinese auto enterprises to go abroad
  • Case studies and lessons to be learned

Wang Dazong, Chairman of Ophoenix Capital Management Inc.; Chairman of US China automotive exchange, China

Bill Russo, Founder and President of Synergistics Limited, China

Lori Baker, President and CEO of TTi Global, USA

Joachim Glatter, Managing partner of Taylor Wessing; Head of China Group, Germany