GlobalAutoIndustry.com Publication of "China's Next Revolution: Transforming the Global Auto Industry"

ASIAtalk eJournal, July 2009

Henry Ford’s introduction of the moving assembly line in 1908 changed the world: making automotive transportation affordable for the masses, accelerating the industrial revolution, and shaping the distribution of economic wealth. While the world has witnessed great technological advances over the past century, the automobile industry still resembles that which was pioneered over a century ago. Simply stated, the crisis faced by today’s automotive industry has a lot to do with the application of a "one size fits all" 20th-century industrial paradigm to a 21st century global environment. In this third article in a 3-part series on the China auto industry, Bill Russo describes how the rapidly expanding China market has become the catalyst driving the transformation of the business model and technological underpinnings of the global auto industry.

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