Bill Russo to Join Panel Discussion at China Automotive Pudong Summit

Shanghai, China, August 13, 2014


Trade and investment reform in CSPFTZ and its link with the enhancement of competitive edge of China’s auto industry

As we all know, the supply chain of the automotive industry centers on auto manufacturers. In the context of trade facilitation in CSPFTZ, how can we coordinate development of the auto supply chain to improve the competitiveness of the entire supply chain and to achieve win-win development? Along with China’s auto industry rapid growth, a “going global” strategy has been promoted since the beginning of the century. How to further promote the going global initiatives of the industry, so as to improve its international influence and enhance the level of recognition?
  • How to develop the auto supply chain in a coordinated way to improve the competitiveness of the entire supply chain and to achieve win-win?
  • Challenges and difficulties that China’s automakers are faced with 
  • In the context of CSPFTZ trade facilitation, how can domestic suppliers improve technological competitiveness and go global?
  •  Discussions on the new going-global models and strategies of Chinese automotive enterprises. How to establish a going-global risk management mechanism?

Zhou Biren, Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Corporation & General Manager of Chery International Corporation, China
Jay Jiang, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd., China
Bill Russo, Managing Director, Gao Feng Advisory Company, China
Experts from related research institutions and universities

Liu Xiaoyong, Deputy Director, General Affairs Office, CCPIT Automotive Sub-Council  & Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Observer, China