Luxury Auto Market in China Remains Robust

Investor Conference Call, November 8, 2012

Coleman Research Group is hosting a conference call to evaluate the outlook for the Chinese Luxury Auto Market. We’ll evaluate growth strategies for the German OEM leaders, market size, competitive forces, demographics, key brands and dealership dynamics.
To register or for more information please contact Carla Sison at GRIEvents@colemanrg.com.
Luxury Auto Market in China Remains Robust
Premium Vehicle Segment Appears Immune to Market Dynamics
Call Date:
Thursday, November 8, 2012, 10:00 AM EST
CRG Host:
Michael Cohen
CRG Expert:
William Russo
Founder and President
Synergistics Ltd.

About The Call
  • Affluent Chinese car buyers shun Chinese brands in favor of blue-chip European premium brands. The Big Three German OEMs continue to dominate high-end sales with Audi offering the best-selling premium import. Premium vehicle (PV) sales increased 36% during the first nine months of 2012 and are expected to grow 15-20% annually through 2020, reaching 2.7M units over that timeframe. Automobiles are the number one priority for China’s high-end and middle class consumers but carmakers must keep pace with changing tastes and an increasingly competitive backdrop.    
  • With our expert, Bill Russo, we’ll explore China’s premium car market and sales growth expectations for 2012 and beyond. We’ll evaluate the dominance of the Big German Three and the opportunity for smaller players to penetrate the market. We’ll assess Chinese consumer preferences, growth of the middle class and high net worth individuals. We’ll appraise how the Chinese demonstrate less brand loyalty than their U.S. counterparts, offering opportunities for new entrants. We’ll conclude with a look at how to leverage strategic dealer partners to accelerate market access. 

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