Bill Russo to Chair Day One of Green Mobility 2012 Conference

Beijing, September 13-14, 2012

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The China’s New Energy Vehicle Program is expected to be strategically achieving the better future: global climate change; energy security; urban air quality; and China’s auto industry growth. In 2009, the Chinese government initiated the Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles Program to stimulate electric vehicle development through large-scale pilots in ten cities, focusing on deployment of electric vehicles for government fleet applications. The Program has since been expanded to 25 cities and includes consumer incentives in five cities. Significant electric vehicle (EV) technology development in China is occurring in industry as well as universities, focusing primarily on batteries and charging technology. The new EV value chain is beginning to develop new businesses and business models to provide the infrastructure, component, vehicle, and related services necessary to enable an EV ecosystem.

So far the program has not achieved its initial expectation; the market is still in a vague situation. According to World Bank’s 2011 report, there are several challenges China is facing right now: except introducing the purchase subsidies, the government has to stimulate demand for EV. As private EV cars will be fully involved eventually, integrated battery charging solutions need to be developed. It is emergent to launch a full set of standards include vehicle charging and safety & power grid standards. In the mean time significant efforts underway elsewhere have put many electric vehicles on the road around the world.

Based on the huge success of last two annual Green Mobility events, the Green Mobility 2012 aims to discover the challenges and opportunities for the China EV industry and also provide participants with cutting edge insights on relevant technology, economic, societal, trade developments impacting on the industry. Green Mobility 2012 will bring business leaders from the automotive sector from China and Worldwide, along with government officials and senior executives from sectors closely associated with the world industry. 

Agenda at a Glance

Day One, 13th SepDay Two, 14th Sep
AMPolicy & Latest Development Plan of  New Energy VehicleEmerging Ingustry
Trends & Technology Innovation
PMCommercialization And
Marketlisation Roadmap
Battery Management & Development

Bill Russo's Opening Remarks:

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