Bill Russo to Speak at European Chamber of Commerce

Shanghai, China, March 22, 2013

The European Chamber is announce the next Auto-Components Working Group meeting jointly held with Automotive Working Group Beijing, which will take place on 22nd March from 09:00 to 10:30.

At the meeting, Mr. Bill Russo, Senior Advisor of Booz & Company, will deliver a presentation of “The State of China's Auto Industry in 2013 and Implications for Suppliers”. The presentation will be given in Shanghai and transmitted over video conference.

1. Opening remarks by Shanghai Auto-component WG Chair Dr. Stefan Sack
2. Chair/Vice-Chair Elections for 2013-2014
3. Guest presentation by Mr. Bill Russo from Booz & Company in Shanghai via video conference
4. Q&A and discussion
5. Announcement of the results of the Chair/Vice-Chair Elections and further discussion on 2013 Position Paper

Presentation and guest speaker from Booz & Company, Mr. Bill Russo, Senior Advisor of Booz & Company, Bio and CV:

Mr. Bill Russo:

Bill Russo is the Founder and President of Synergistics Limited and a Senior Advisor with Booz & Company. With over 15 years as an automotive executive with Chrysler, including over 8 years of experience in China and Asia, Mr. Russo has worked with numerous global firms in the formulation and implementation of their globalization strategies. His experience in China includes having been the VP of Chrysler North East Asia where he successfully negotiated agreements with partners and obtained required approvals from the China government to bring 6 new vehicle programs to the market in a 3-year period, as well as establishing an infrastructure for localization and sales/distribution. Mr. Russo has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in New York, and a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is a highly sought after opinion leader on the development of the automotive industry.

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