"Competing for the Global Middle Class" Selected Among Best New Research and Ideas

Thought Leadership Digest, January 2012

Ron Haddock, Bill Russo and Ed Tse’s article "Competing for the Global Middle Class" was featured in this January 2012 digest of the best new research and ideas for strategy leaders.

The purpose of our digests is to make it easier for business leaders to find the best research and ideas. Every month, we
trawl the websites of about 30 of the world’s leading consulting firms looking for the latest thought leadership. What we
find, which now totals over 20,000 articles, we categorise by sector and service line, and make available – with supporting
analysis – via a searchable database which we call White Space. In the process of doing so, we get a very good sense of
what’s being said in any particular business area, and which the best quality pieces of thought leadership are. This allows
us to present time-pressed managers with a summary of the things that really merit their attention.

Competing for the global middle class Booz & Company
They say: In a variety of industries, corporate leaders are discovering that they must rethink their product and
service lines, go-to-market strategies, and operating models to build a presence in emerging economies.

We say: A good starting point for the conversation all boards should surely be having about the large and growing
middle-class market in emerging economies.

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