Bill Russo to Host Panel Discussion on Connected Engineering Solutions at Futurescapes 2013

Shanghai, China, November 14, 2013

Organized by:  Tech Mahindra

Venue:  Grand Hyatt, Shanghai, 3:30pm onwards

Panel Discussion: "Challenges and Opportunities: Business advantages of implementing Connected Engineering Solutions"

Research advancements in various areas like Miniaturization, Sensorization, Internet of everything, Computing and Communication technologies enables autonomous, smart ,safer products to the customers today. These Products which were conventionally designed for human interfaction, are now getting designed to interact practically with anything bringing Intelligence into the Product and its ecosystem.

What evolves is the current world of objects and products - Smarter, Safer, Connected and of course Intelligent.

Conceptualizing, Designing and Developing a sophisticated system of products interacting with each other in a cohesive manner in order to achieve a task on their own – needs altogether different kind of mind-set, engineering skill-set and technological expertise. We have assembled a distinguished panel of experts to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities of implementing connected engineering solutions.

Dr. Gao Ming, CTO China, GE Lighting
Dr. Young Peng, Director, Tailored Products, Covidien China
Dr. Frank Zhao, Director, Research Institute for Automotive Industry & Technology Strategy, Tsinghua University
Mr. Jim Liu EVP & COO, SBI & TH Venture Capital
Mr. Glenn Hou, Executive Director, Frost & Sullivan China

Moderated by:

Mr. Bill Russo, President, Synergistics Ltd. And former VP, Chrysler NE Asia

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