Russo to Address EU Trade Commission on "China moving up the value chain and the role of technology transfer"

Brussels, Belgium, December 9, 2011

Seminar with China Watchers, Brussels
9 December 2011

Seminar and discussion will address the following questions:

  • How do you assess the future competitiveness of European industry in general and in these emerging industries, in particular, and how should Europe position itself? Is there sufficient evidence to remain cautiously optimistic, or are China's policies aiming to make its economy greener a blessing in disguise?
  • To what extent is technology transfer to China happening on a non-consensual basis, which endangers our companies’ competitiveness by creating the rise of future Chinese competitors in the same market segment?
  • How can European companies design creative solutions to minimize the risk to their intellectual property associated with technology transfers?
  • Are global production chain strategies, e.g. by making only parts of the puzzle in China, a sufficient protection against technology transfer? What trends can we see developing in China and the wider Asian region?
  • With much manufacturing and assembly already taking place in China, are we not risking a situation where 'innovation on the work floor' will also increasingly shift to China?
  • To what extent are EU companies considering partnering with Chinese companies to become more competitive on the Chinese market – but also to become stronger internationally on third markets?
  • How should the EU position itself (e.g. via research or education programmes) with a view to better integrating with, and tapping into, this huge innovative market that is in the making?

  1. Ms Alicia García-Herrero
  2. Mr Jean-Claude Deschamps
Confirmed experts:
  1. Mr. Chris Strutt, Senior Vice President Government Affairs, Public Policy and Patient Advocacy, GlaxoSmithKlein
  2. Mr Stephan Csoma, Senior Vice President, Umicore
  3. Mr Peter Brun, Senior Vice President, Vestas
  4. Mr Sandro Zero, Vice President and Export Control Officer, Areva
  5. Mr Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President Government & Industry Relations, Ericsson
  6. Mr Bill Russo, Senior Advisor, Booz & Company
  7. Mr James McGregor, Senior Counselor, APCO
  8. Mr Simon Cheetham, Lead Expert China IPR SME Help Desk
  9. Mr Thomas Pattloch, Senior Counsel Taylor Wessing, former EU IP Officer Beijing
  10. Prof François Godement

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