World Ecological Forum Gotland Summit

Gotland, Sweden, July 1-2, 2010

Note: Bill Russo has been invited to speak at the 2010 World Ecological Forum on the automotive industry and China's increasingly important role in driving the electrification of transportation.

We invite you to be a part of crucial change movement and a catalyst for boosting ecological solutions and sustainable development. This networking forum acts as an efficient platform for a wide spectrum of decision and policy makers, innovators, insightful political leaders, responsible corporations, civil servants, scientists, professors, investors, and caring grass roots people.

To join our movement, our forum offers several roles from various membership forms to sponsoring and hosting partnerships. Through the cross‐border interaction and workshops, corporations can draw benefits and add instrumental value to their quest for improved services and products, all to help sustainable business development in balance with society and our precious environment.

Networking, analytical seminars/workshops and continuous interaction through the World Ecological Forum create active opportunities to commence business partnerships and alliances to reach potential new clients, customers, and institutional target groups.

Exploring paradigm shifting ideas for particular business applications is something some of our sponsors and other member partners have already started.

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