China Conference & Webcast: "China: Key Strategies for Succeeding in its Auto Industry"

GlobalAutoIndustry.com China Conference & Webcast, June 18,2009

Bill Russo is a featured speaker at this conference (presenting remotely from Beijing, China)
A full-day conference to assist you with your China needs.

A powerful lineup of speakers will address critical issues for auto suppliers considering venturing into China, still expected to be the world's hottest automotive market for the next 20 years. The full-day conference will also be broadcast live via webcast over the Internet. The conference offers great opportunities to learn more about how to succeed in China's business market whether you are setting up operations in mainland China, doing business there, or considering sourcing from China.

This SPECIAL VALUE PASS is for a qualified AUTOMOTIVE GUEST of Synergistics Ltd. is included in link below!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Webcast registrants have access to the recording for 30 days past the conference date.

Topics will include:

Baker & McKenzie: Legal Challenges of Setting up and Maintaining Operations in China ~ Synergistics: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on China's Automotive Industry ~ Grant Thornton: Tax Planning for your China Operations under the New Unified Tax Law ~ BBK: Bumps in the Road Require Renewed Focus in Sourcing ~ R. L. Polk & Co: China and the Global Automotive Marketplace ~ Economic and Automotive Projections ~ CEVA Logistics: Logistical Challenges in China ~ Baker & McKenzie: Implementing A Compliance and Ethics Program in China ~ and more.

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