Coca-Cola's Failed Bid for China Huiyuan Juice: The Return of Protectionism?

Knowledge@Wharton eJournal, April 2, 2009

It looked like a corporate marriage made in heaven: A successful Chinese juice maker, having courted many suitors, finally found a willing partner that also happened to be the world's largest soft drink manufacturer.
For the owners of the Chinese company, it would mean a handsome multi-billion yuan dowry; the foreign soft drink maker, meanwhile, would buy its way into a fast-growing and potentially vast market segment that it had so far failed toconquer. It seemed all too good to be true -- and so it was.
“There was an opportunity there--and it may be a missed opportunity now -- for China to send an olive-branch signal to the rest of the world and say,‘Hey, China's open for business. If you want to invest here we're open to that” says Bill Russo, a former vice president of Chrysler Northeast Asia, now president at Synergistics, a consultancy.

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Mr. Russo's comments begin at the bottom of page 3 of the Slideshare document:
Coca Colas Failed Bid For China Huiyuan Juice The Return Of Protectionism
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